Welcome to Hermes Corporate and Capital. 

Who we are
At Hermes Corporate & Capital we are passionate about helping business owners, financiers, directors, shareholders and other stakeholders overcome challenges to secure the long term prosperity of a business. We are passionate about improving the performance of businesses through an entrepreneurial, whole-of-business focus and hands-on leadership and management. We know that our focus on all aspects of the business (not just the numbers) combined with the hands on delivery of our strategic, financial, operational and people leadership experience leads to success, no matter what challenge a business may be facing.
What We Do
Hermes Corporate & Capital is in the business of invigorating, renewing and replenishing businesses. We do this by partnering with financiers (debt and equity), business owners and other stakeholders. We call ourselves a business and corporate renewal company. Our work benefits all interested parties in circumstances where a business is facing challenges, be that rapid growth, flat-line performance, generational or strategic change or, a potential business-failure situation.
What You Get When You Come To Hermes Corporate & Captial
Whether you be a bank, an equity investor, a business owner, a Director, Shareholder or a stakeholder (advisor), when you come to Hermes Corporate & Capital you get a different approach, a different skillset and a deep knowledge and resultant focus on addressing your individual experience of the challenge at hand. We bring :
  • An entrepreneurial mindset. We believe that problems can be solved, challenges overcome and the business can grow and prosper. This means that all actions, even those which are difficult are focused on long-term success.
  • A holistic approach which addresses all aspects of a business (not just a narrow, financial only perspective). This means that root causes of issues are addressed and leads to better strategic, financial and operational outcomes.
  • People who work with you, alongside you and not at arms length. This means we live and breathe both the challenges and opportunities and take action accordingly.
  • People with deep experience in what you may be experiencing. This means we bring an overwhelming focus on the customer experience and know how to address them. The result is increased comfort and decreased risk.
Hermes Corporate & Capital pioneering approach in the arena of business and corporate renewal were recognized recently by the Turnaround Management Association (TMA) awarding us the best Turnaround of The Year (2013) for Small and Medium Enterprises and Victorian Turnaround of the Year (2014). Our approach is widely recognised for its innovation and market leadership in Australia.
Hermes Corporate & Capital was a keynote presenter at the ARITA National Conference in Melbourne. To obtain a  copy of our presentation please contact us.